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Implant Restorative Dentistry

Natural-Looking Dental Implant Crowns From Your Nashua, NH Dentists

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At Brar Family Dentistry, we strive to provide high quality treatments that dramatically improve your smile. Our office proudly offers the highest standard of dental care to patients in and around Nashua, NH. Dr. Harjeet Brar and Dr. Denise Tong are both highly experienced dentists with a wide range of specialties, including general dentistry, family dentistry, implant restorative dentistry, and children’s dentistry. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a more beautiful, confident smile!

Solution To Missing Or Broken Teeth

Unfortunately, for many people, the embarrassment of broken, lost, or missing teeth means a life of hiding smiles and always laughing a little less. Dentures, bridges, and partials provide the aesthetic benefits of eliminating spaces and gaps left by missing teeth, but don't stand up to the challenge of many of a person's favorite foods, drinks, and activities.

Dental implants provide a convenient and affordable alternative that gives patients freedom from denture adhesives, cleanings, and the self-consciousness of eating challenging foods in public. We work closely with the oral surgeon who places the implant. after the necessary healing period we fabricate the implant crown and abutment to provide the optimum restorative solution designed to last a lifetime.

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Brar Family Dentistry offers high quality and personalized dental care to every adult, teen, and child patient residing in and around Nashua, NH. The dentists and staff are always delighted to speak with patients and answer any questions related to their treatment. Call today at (603) 889-0601 for your free consultation and see how easy it is to rebuild your smile!

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